Gin & Tonic-I am a hot mess Perfume for Women (100ml)

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Gin & Tonic -by Perfume Lounge is an ode to the battles of a Gen Z girl whose life is overflowing with emotions, opportunities, and experiences. It encapsulates everything a young woman encounters in her late teens and early twenties. At the heart of the brand is a comrade who supports your evolution with an essential dose of tough love. We want to celebrate the ups and downs. Let’s make light of the dreaded process - Growing up.

Blend of aromas : This is a long-lasting Eau de Parfum which is a blend of sparkling citrusy and fruity notes. It embodies the enthusiasm of a summer morning.

Long-lasting scent: It starts with the fruity sweetness of Mandarin orange and then moves towards the long-lasting fresh and earthy notes of musk and amber.

Suitable for occasions: This uplifting scent is a go to fragrance for those who need a rush of energy.

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