Budget friendly perfume for office

5 budget- friendly perfumes you can wear to your office

Shopping for budget-friendly perfumes to wear in the office can be hard. With so many options available in stores and online, you can get lost in a maze of variety! Asking your friend Google to help you in times of need is like a double-edged sword. You get to see everything but then you can’t place a finger on what will be the best fragrance for you. One needs to take into account workplace etiquettes and people’s feelings about Patchouli, Oud and so much more! 

Listen, we don’t assume that you have all the time in the world to filter through so many perfumes. There is so much one must factor in - avoiding an overpowering smell, staying within a budget, and the staying power of the scent (although, nothing is ever built to last!!). 

We know it’s hard to trust a scent from the way it’s described but we’ve also asked people who use these scents to give their two scents.(yes, pun intended) 

And, these reviews are from people who are as much a part of the 9 to 5 grind as you are! 

Scroll down to see all the perfumes, our take on them and reviews from people who’ve used it!

  1. Taboo Obsession by Perfume Lounge

    This fun combination of fruity and spicy notes feels like a spritz of optimism and energy. At first, you will smell the velvety and ripe smell of Plum which will later move towards the warmth of Cinnamon and Vanilla. This gourmand fragrance is well-suited for the office if you like a sweet but spicy reminder of positive vibes!

    Rashi left this comment
    For me Vanilla has been the most important ingredient because no matter where you wear it, it leaves a lasting impression on those around you. This perfume also pairs it up with other stuff like cinnamon and Plum. This is a dream of a perfume for a gourmand fragrance lover like me

  2. Taboo Desire by Perfume Lounge

    Bergamot is that special member of the citrus family who gets along with everyone! The versatility and the subtle hints of spiciness is what attracts many. Taboo desire has its hands full with a variety of fragrance notes like Bergamot and Neroli which later transforms into rose and a woody hint of Patchouli. If you wish to wear something that screams versatility, then you could even go out after a long day of work wearing this!

    Shweta left a review that throws light on how multifaceted this perfume is.

    “This is a great perfume for someone who would prefer wearing just one signature scent. It has so many layers that I feel like I can never get enough of this. I catch a whiff of something different each time I wear it! ”

  3. Taboo Secret by Perfume Lounge

    Imagine waking up in a garden  and inhaling the freshness of all the different flowers you wish to witness everyday. Taboo Secret is a strong floral fragrance which will give you a glimpse of all the following flowers- freesia, peony, rose, magnolias and lily-of-the-valley. 

    If you are really into floral fragrances, this is the best bet for you!

    Plus, work would feel like a walk in the garden.

    One of the reviewers had something similar to say- “ Childhood was all about visiting parks and gardens on weekends. I remember going to the Rose garden situated in Chanakyapuri as a child. It was an amazing experience. I love how this perfume revisits all the flowers that one looks for in floral fragrances and a touch of childhood.

  4. Taboo Hush Hush by Perfume Lounge

    Powdery notes add a sense of depth to a flat fragrance. This one, in particular,       leaves an old-fashioned, talcum powder-like scent for one to relish. Iris and vanilla provide strong powdery top notes and are complemented with the base of a woody note like Patchouli. The softness of this scent will envelop your senses and those in your vicinity!

    Rishita spoke about her experience wearing this to her office: "I have a busy life, so I need a reliable scent that makes me feel great when I wear it! It really lifts my mood, even on a tough day at work. I know I am at least smelling good. I am into powdery aromas, so this was a good one for me."

  5. Taboo Temptation

    This perfume is geared towards people who are crazy for floral and fruity fragrances! It is one of the most sought after combinations after all. 

    It starts with notes of mandarin orange, melon, magnolia, and bergamot then moves into notes of Lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, and tuberose. It finally settles into vanilla, musk and blackberry.

    Tripti had a lot to say about this fragrance, “ It has an addicting smell! The freshness reminds me of a sunny morning. This is going to become an indispensable part of my daily dressing up routine”

    If you’re still struggling to find a budget-friendly perfume for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us at care@perfumelounge.in
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