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Gin & Tonic 20ML packs

Gin & Tonic 20ML packs

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Gin & Tonic -by Perfume Lounge is an ode to the battles of a Gen Z girl whose life is overflowing with emotions, opportunities, and experiences. It encapsulates everything a young woman encounters in her late teens and early twenties. At the heart of the brand is a comrade who supports your evolution with an essential dose of tough love. We want to celebrate the ups and downs. Let’s make light of the dreaded process - Growing up.

Women’s fragrance: This super long-lasting fragrance embodies the spirit of spring with the calming blend of Apple, Magnolia and Jasmine.

Long-lasting scent: Our Eau de Parfum starts with the pulpy notes of cherries and then moves towards the delicious notes of Caramel.

Your ideal scent: This light fragrance is a great match for those wanting to wear something lavish and festive.

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Smells delicious!

Okay, so I got this 20 ML bottle from the perfume lounge! It’s Hello I candy from their Gin&Tonic collection! dude! This is so good! It smells delicious and also since it’s a 20 ML bottle it’s perfect for travelling. I can easily put it in my bag and go about with my day.

Really loved it

I got my hands on the snacc or desert perfume from the Gin&tonic range and I love it. It is so fruity not in a bad way but in a good way like it’s a sweet fragrance, and if you like mangoes or oranges maybe this is something you should go for because I love it and I use it every day and receive compliments. So yeah this is a 10 on 10

Absolutely loved it!!!

OMG, you guys! Thank You Next perfume is the bomb dot com! It's like a fruity explosion in the best way possible. You get those yummy citrus and juniper vibes that make you feel sassy and fresh. Seriously, it's like summer in a bottle. Love, love, love it! 💖🍹✨

Fails to impress.

If you're a juvenile and new to fragrances you'll probably like it, i got the pink one and it smells very sweet candy like. Pleasant fragrance but doesn't last long, very light elegant fragrance. I know it might sound silly but it smells exactly like those fragrant fruit shaped erasers we used as a child ;_;

Mediocre smell and performance

Firstly these perfumes does not smell mature, teens and young adults will probably like it more. The scent is very basic, doesn't smell complex and fails to fetch compliments. Notes are also bland.. This one is like a coconut smell mixed with musk. Longevity is max 3hrs