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Perfume Lounge continues to expand portfolio by launching 2 new lines - Gin & Tonic and Designer Club

  • The brand plans to launch multiple range of fragrances that caters to all lifestyles, body types, seasons, and personalities.
  • PL will be looking forward to raising additional capital in 2023 to introduce further lines, increase offline footprint and expand business in other cities in India.

    New Delhi, 6th December 2022: The fragrance industry in India has witnessed massive growth lately with a 20% Y-o-Y growth and a surge of ‘Made in India’ brands. This surge is catering to the diverse demands of the Indian youth and driving a culture of conscious personal grooming among them. Given these trends, the market is set to double in the next five years with many more players entering the arena with new and dedicated offerings for the growing consumer. However, product awareness and frequency of usage remains low. Unlike deodorants, perfume as a product is yet to achieve the level of maturity of a habitual product, and that’s what Perfume Lounge aims to change.

     The Delhi based company - founded by industry veterans Parvesh Bareja, Deepak Agrawal and Shivam Sood - aims to bring a whole new universe of fragrances and perfumes closer to the consumers at affordable price points.

     The brand’s vision is to make Indians connect with the idea of “smelling good” instead of just avoiding odour and use perfume every day as a mark of their personality – just like clothes and accessories. Perfume Lounge plans to launch multiple range of fragrances that caters to all lifestyles, body types, seasons, and personalities.

     After the successful launch of two product lines, i.e., Taboo (for women) and NOWW (for men), the brand is now expanding its portfolio by introducing 2 new ranges - Gin & Tonic (for women) and Designer Club (for men). While NOWW and Taboo catered to a slightly mature audience with a subtle taste for their fragrances, Gin & Tonic and Designer Club is for the more expressive and experimental youth that doesn’t shy away from wearing their style and persona on their sleeves. The new lines are specially priced at INR 1199 and INR 1299 respectively to ensure all fashionistas get to complete their ensemble at an affordable price. 

     Perfume Lounge has launched four lines so far – two for men and women each – and all products are available on e-commerce platforms like Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart and also on the company website. The company is currently seed funded and will be looking forward to raising capital in 2023 to introduce further lines within the category, increase offline footprint and expand business in other cities in India.

     Commenting on the launches, Shivam Sood, CEO, Perfume Lounge said, “The pandemic created a new segment of consumers that are finally comfortable buying fragrances online. Simultaneously social media has created a lot of awareness among the young consumers to try new products and brands. We feel that for the aspirational Indian youth, perfume can be the perfect addition to their style statement that makes them feel complete and confident to achieve anything, just like any good outfit would. Today, Indians are at a stage where they are willing to invest on quality products and a quality lifestyle as long as they are getting the right value for their money. We at Perfume Lounge L are striving to provide that right value product to every consumer at the right price point”

    About Perfume Lounge: 

    Perfume Lounge is a Delhi based fragrance brand with multiple product lines like Gin & Tonic, Designer Club, Taboo, and NOWW. Perfume Lounge brings high quality fragrances for all body, lifestyle, and personality types across multiple price ranges. Founded by industry veterans with over 20 years of in-depth knowledge and expertise, the brand collaborates with top quality international fragrance houses to bring out exciting new lines to the Indian market. The company has raised a seed round of $250,000 till now and is planning to raise another round soon. The brand is currently available online on leading platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa along with its own website Very soon the brand will also be available offline as part of its omnichannel strategy.

    Shivam Sood: CEO for Perfume Lounge has been engaging with the start-up ecosystem since 2011 both as a consultant as well as an entrepreneur. He is highly skilled in Digital Marketing; User Experience Design & Web based technologies and has helped scale multiple businesses.

    Parvesh Bareja: Is the owner of Helios Packaging Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading private label manufacturer for perfumes and deodorants, and an active angel investor. Parvesh has been one of the initial investors in brands like The Man Company - a leading player in men’s grooming and has a keen interest in the personal care and grooming category.

    Deepak Agrawal: is a successful entrepreneur with over 25 years of industry experience running the largest perfume pump manufacturing company in India. Deepak has also been an active investor and ventured in several consumer facing businesses in the last decade.

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