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5 budget- friendly perfumes you can wear to your work

Having a tough time finding the right perfume for the office? Especially, if you are asking your friend Google to help you out then you must be struggling to choose one out of the thousands that flash on the screen once you type in ‘Perfumes under 500 rupees’ and ‘affordable and long-lasting perfumes’

 We don’t assume that you have all the time in the world to filter through so many different perfumes. There is so much one must factor in - avoiding an overpowering smell, staying within a budget , and the staying power of the scent. We wanted to make it easy for you so we have curated a list of five affordable perfumes that you can count on.


1. Taboo Obsession by Perfume Lounge

It is a complex fragrance that starts with fruity and floral notes but soon transforms into stable woody notes with vanilla undertones.



2. Noww Energy by Perfume Lounge

It is a fragrance that captures a youthful and relaxing vibe. It starts with a sparkly note of Cassis which moves into the middle notes of Plum, Blackberry and Peach.


3. Noww Active by Perfume Lounge

It is a fragrance that activates and energises all your senses. It starts with citrusy notes like Bergamot and Lemon and then shifts to a spicy note of Pepper.


4. Taboo Secret by Perfume Lounge

Taboo Secret is a strong floral fragrance which can enrapture your senses. It starts  with floral notes of the freesia and peony flowers. Then it moves into notes of rose, magnolias and Lily-of-the-valley with woody undertones. 


5. Noww Race by Perfume Lounge

It embodies the energy and enthusiasm of a fun morning at the beach. It has a combination of Sea notes and Petitgrain mixed with citrusy notes of Lemon and Orange.

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